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What's New

Aug 2008 Vic is working with www.aeromotions.com with a very trick adjustable rear wing.
May 2008 Vic Sias Takes TTOD at annual Duel at Deanza Event.
Jan 2008 SiasTuning's SM M3 is for SALE!! 
Feb 2007 PLX, Tec GT, TC Designs products, etc
Dec 2006 PRI in Florida
Sept 2006 Nationals Championships
August 2006 Packwood National Tour and Pro
May 2006 Atwater National Tour and Pro
March 2006 Yes we are still around ;-) We are just really busy and have been neglecting the website. Please bare with us, there is a ton of new stuff that will be up on site soon. Check out some of our video's. SiasTuning Video's
ICS Trip
May 2005
Vic heads out east to tune the most powerful M3 in the WORLD at ICS Performance in Stamford, CT.
SCCA Pro Solo Finale and the Solo2 Nationals
May 2005
Vic wins the Pro Solo Finale Street Mod class. Elise gets up to second place in the Pro Solo Finale Challenge.

Who knew there could be so much drama at a Solo2 Nationals competition? All ends well at the 2005 SCCA Solo2 National Championship. Vic claims the street Mod National Championship for the second year in a row.

San Jose Grand Prix
July 2005
SiasTuning crews for Erickson Motorsports. Two SiasTuned cars take home trophies in the NASA Street Touring series. Impact Motorsports BMW M3takes second and Erickson Motorsports VW GTI takes third.
Duel at DeAnza
May 2005
Vic gets the top time of day! ..but with a cone. But that still put him as second top time of day. Car wins Best Engineered Vehicle out of 200 cars. Elise won Street Mod Ladies and was the fastest female of the event. The car lands on the front cover of La Voz-The DeAnza College Student Newspaper.
Wendover Pro
May 2005
Vic wins Street Mod class and ends up as second qualifier (that means he had the second biggest margin of victory).
Atwater, Ca National Tour
May 2005
Vic dominates Street Mod - winning by over 3 seconds against co-driver Sean O'Boyle who took second. Vic's PAX score (indexed time) placed him second out of over 300 people for the event. Elise won the Ladies class by beating her co-driver Chris McKinney.
San Diego National Tour
March 2005
The Team brings home 3 trophies. Vic wins Street Mod over customer Gary Richardson and Vic's co-driver Sean O'boyle gets third place. Elise wins Street Mod ladies.
The SiasTuning team rocks at the Fontana Pro Solo
March 2005
Vic takes first place over all time great Jeff Reitmeir by .788 and Elise gets her first Pro Solo trophy (5th in class) and then finished 4th in the Ladies Challenge.
Team SiasTuning get some press from SCCA
March, 2005
Elise and Peyton Get a nice write up on the SCCA website.
Read it here
Vic Sias
January, 2005
At the 2004 San Francisco Awards banquet Vic receives the "Driver of the Year" Award
SiasTuning on TLC Rides!
January,  2005
Vic Goes to So Cal to tune an Xtreme Lee owned by famous blues musician Kenny Wayne Shephard and makes it on the TV show Rides.  Get all of the details here!
PLX Devices
September,  2004
PLX Devices wideband sensors now available on line from SiasTuning. As seen in Turbo Magazine and Modified Magazine.  Check out the products here.
Vic goes to Portland to tune the Bahn Brenner Motorsports turbo Corrado
July,  2004
This car went on to win Bahn Brenner Motorsports 2004 1.8T Challenge. See more Bahn Brenner details here.
Siastuning team car goes to Wendover Pro and does some serious spanking!
July 21,  2004
Vic and Gordon go to the Wendover Pro. Vic wins Street Mod and Gordon takes 5th. The car makes it's debut with a new paint job too! See Wendover Pro 04 photos here.
New! Happy Customer pages
July,  2004
See Brett Erickson's Speed Channel car, Dado's DTM Powered 1999 M3 car!
Vic goes on the road to Portland for some serious  tuning.
July 21,  2004
Vic heads up to Portland to tune Scotty B. White's Corvette for the Speed Channel World Challenge race in Portland. See Scotty's car on the Dyno.
Test day for the SSF Car
May 2004
Vic meets the SSF car and crew at Thunderhill for a test day. See pictures of the Tec3 install and pictures from track test day here.
Installation of the E46 motor into the 1995 M3
January 2004
Look at Phase 2 of the 1995 BMW M3. An installation of an E46 motor out of a 2002 M3. Go to Phase 2 here. Go to the updated car specifications here.
New product information...
November 2003
OBD 1 and OBD 2 Tec3 Plug and Plays are now the same price. Also, now you can include a wide band sensor with your Plug and Play purchase. Go to the Plug and Play product page for details.
Team Siastuning goes to SCCA Solo2 National Championship and Pro in Topeka, KS
September 2003
SiasTuning Street Mod M3 loses it's transmission during the Pro Solo competition. Team does a quick search for parts and a new transmission. Installation done in time for National Championship. Rain on the first day of competition puts a damper on things. Dry second day leaves Vic in third place. See photos of transmission, winners and competition at 2003 Nationals here.
Siastuning consults and tunes Chris Cox/Pilar Miranda FP M3.
August 2003
Chris Cox updates his motor with Rebello Racing. Vic is on hand to tune the motor and consult on installation. See pictures of this awesome machine!
Team Siastuning goes to Wendover Pro
July 19/20 2003
Scott Fraser takes second place and Vic takes fourth at the Wendover, Pro. Bob Tunnell dominates the Street Mod Class.
Pictures of Tunnell's and Richardson's very Fast M3's
Customer Page Updates
June 27, 2003
Now that we've wrapped up some other big projects, we've been able to update some of our important customer pages. Go look::
BJ Birtwell's Dyno and comment.
Jeff Rosen's Monster Dyno.
Team Siastuning goes to Atwater Pro and Tour.
May 3/4, 10/11, 2003
Scott Fraser takes second place and Vic takes third at the Atwater Pro. Elise makes her first challenge. At the Atwater Tour, Vic and Elise takes first and Scott takes second.
See pictures here. Attended the Pro with a naturally aspirated car and did the Tour with the new supercharger. See the updated Project Yello page here.
Team Siastuning does great at Fontana Pro.
March 23/24, 2003
Scott Fraser takes first, Vic takes second and Elise gets a perfect reaction time!   Pictures here.
Team Siastuning gets SOAKED at San Diego National Tour!
March 15/16, 2003
It couldn't get much wetter on Saturday but Sunday made for a fun, fast dry course. We've never been so wet for so long with all of our clothes on! See for yourself.
Siastuning takes top time of day at Round 2 auto-x event.
February 9, 2003
At Candlestick Park for a San Francisco Region Solo 2 series event, SiasTuning team takes the top 2 spots out of 300 people. For more details and to see pictures, go here. 
Siastuning starts new Project Car
February 7, 2003
Siastuning has started work on a BJ Birtwell's custom built RMS stage 3 Supercharged BMW M3. See more details on the Project Car page.
Siastuning debuts new Solo2 Auto-x car.
December 8, 2002
Siastuning has started building a new Solo2 auto-x car. We took it out to it's first auto-x at Round 6 of the SCCA San Francisco Region 2002 Slush Series. For more information on the new Siastuning race mobile look at Project Yello.
Siastuning takes a trip to Primemedia publications.
November 2002
Vic Sias was asked to tune a Honda drag car that will be featured in Sports Compact Car Magazine. After getting the car tuned to it's optimum performance, the team heads off to the drag race. See photos of the car at the Dyno and at the Drag race.
Siastuning attends SEMA in Las Vegas NV.
November 4-7, 2002
SEMA is the premier trade show event for automotive performance products and accessories from more than 1,400 exhibiting companies! As part of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week, this is the largest gathering of automotive industry professionals in the world. Vic Sias worked at the Electromotive booth and established contacts with many new manufacturers. See Photos.
SCCA Solo 2 National Championship in Topeka Kansas
September 10-13, 2002
SiasTuning Racing team returns from competition. Jim Ochi, Vic Sias and  Elise Geiger all drove the Ochi M3 in Street Mod. Here are pictures of all three drivers, other SiasTuning cars and much more. Click here for SCCA Solo2 Nationals photos.
Siastuning Racing Team returns from Wendover Pro Solo
July 22, 2002
Jim, Vic and Elise competed in the Pro Solo in Wendover, Utah. With a few new modifications to the car, the team was excited to try it all out. See photos here. Thanks to Conversion Techniques and BBS for all of their support!
Siastuning Racing Team takes on new ride for remainder of racing season.
May 4, 2002
Vic and Elise drive Jim Ochi's 1996 BMW M3. After the Electromotive install, how could they resist this great ride?! The addition of Jim Ochi and his car is great because Jim is just as into tweaking and tuning the car as SiasTuning. We're on the way to building the ultimate Street Mod car! See Atwater Tour photos here.
Siastuning Racing Team makes cover!
April 15, 2002
Check out the front cover of SportsCar Magazine May issue. Elise Geiger driving Navid Kahangi's 2001 BMW M3 at the San Diego Solo2 National Tour. See the cover here!
New TEC≥ install!
April 8, 2002
Vic installed a new TEC≥ into Jim Ochi's 1997 BMW M3. Look at the photos of this big job. Click here to see photos.
A day at Ground Control!
February 18, 2002
Vic and Navid spend the day with Jay at Ground Control to work over the M3. Click here to see photos of the day.
New Electromotive Tec 3
February 10, 2002
TEC≥ from Electromotive is now shipping! Click here for all the details that represent the latest advances in state-of-the-art fuel injection control. Get your order in now.
Tuning season is under way!
January 30, 2002
Vic recently engine dyno tuned Tom Dockery's Nissan VG30 at Rebello Racing. Go check out the photos!
SCCA Awards Banquet
January 19, 2002
Elise Geiger and Scott Fraser won most improved male/female driver of 2001. Vic took second in OSP 2001 series. Elise took first in BSP Winter Slush series. Scott took third in OSP Winter Slush Series. Mike Kyle won a set of Kumho tires courtesy of Siastuning. Go check out the photos!
New ride for Vic in 2002!
January 1, 2002
Vic has teamed up with Navid Kahangi to drive his Street Mod 2001 BMW M3. We will be campaigning the car in SCCA Solo 2 and Pro events. With the help of Kumho and Ground Control, we hope to have a successful season.
Photos of Marina event
Brett Erickson

Brett's most recent press releases

Vic will team up with Erickson Motorsports this year by supplying an Electromotive Tec 3 unit and as many hours of tuning time that it will take to make Brett go fast in the Speedvision Touring Challenge Series. Go Brett!

2001 SCCA Solo 2 BSP National Championship

Vic Sias took first place out of 40 competitors in the B Street Prepared (BSP) class at this years SCCA Solo 2 National Championship.

Ken Dobson- Speedvision Results

Ken Dobson finished 4th in this years SpeedVision Touring  class. 

Scotty B. White-
Speedvision Results

Scotty B. White competed in the SpeedVision GT class. 


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